Tungsten Alloy Cube Counterweight

military tungsten alloy cube picture

Tungsten alloy cube is becoming more and more popular for counterweight, balance weights for wheels, ballast for F1 formula car, racing weights, dynamic balancing, etc. It is the best material of gsten alloy for the balancing weight, and has been widely known and applied, such as the counterweight of golf club, fishing weights, counterweights for military defense, such as counterweight for hunting gun, prefabricated fragments, the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunitio; counterweights for oil logging. The overall balancing of a golf club is important to achieve the optimal results by oducing more solid contact, consistency, and greater distance. A club that is overall too head heavy is oing to be difficult to return the club to a square position. In addition, this may encourage a player to release the club too early in the downswing and rob the golfer of valuable distance.

Tungsten alloy cube counterweight can help solve these situations by shifting the balance point of the club closer to the golfer's hands. You can think of it the same way as a figure skater pulls their arms in to their body making them spin faster. The counter-balancing weights essentially have the same benefit for over-length clubs. These weights are simply inserted into the butt end of the shaft before installing the grip. Now you are able to fine-tune your clubs with these counter-balancing weights now available for both steel and graphite shafts.